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Star Heels
For those who love beautiful women wearing beautiful heels

Group Founder: bbyboyx
Description: Beautiful women wearing beautiful heels that make any man or woman take notice
Group Type: Public join
Members: 72
Category: People > Girl

Topics (3)

go Re my videos. Please note! (0) mz.qt
Some of my videos will not upload to this site in MP4 format, so I changed the file extensions to .3gp. So if your download doesn't play, then just change the file extension back to .MP4 Sorted!

go Great Group :-) (3) foxy.sam
This group is awesome!!! So many beautiful photos of hot girls in heels. Well done.

go Hi (0) bbyboyx
Just created this as I love beautiful womem wearing beautiful heels. Anyways enjoy and let us know which ones your favourite.

Photos (333)

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Files (5)

1 Trying them on.
2 Brand new today!
3 Black high heeled sandals from Elite.
4 Wit-Whoo @ Sam :)
5 Wit-Whoo @ Sam :)


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